Paint Coating

Paint Coating

Redwood has an experienced team in charge of colour matching and development of different paints and coatings to achieve the effect desired by our clients. Besides that, our fully automated spray & coating line allows us to deliver consistent paint quality in a shorter amount of time. Redwood is also fully equipped with in-house spray rooms and polishing tables in order to manufacture products with a high-grade paint layer.

Unleashing Vibrancy through Premium Paints

Step into a world where color meets innovation at our esteemed paint and coating department. As the cornerstone of our company’s commitment to transforming spaces, premium paints are used to bring luxury spaces to live.

Cutting-Edge Formulations for Lasting Impressions

At the heart of our paint and coating department lies a dedication to excellence, driven by cutting-edge formulations. Our team of experts tirelessly explores the frontier of technology to create paints that not only adorn but endure.

Sustainability in Every Stroke

Beyond aesthetics and performance, our paint and coating department is a champion of sustainability. Our commitment to low-VOC formulations and responsible sourcing reflects our pledge to create a healthier, greener future.