Packing is a crucial step we undertake before goods are shipped to our clients. We go the extra mile by utilising high quality packing wood to ensure our goods arrive in pristine condition.

Perfection in Protection
Enter the final stage of our meticulous production process, where precision meets protection – our packing department. At the heart of our commitment to delivering products in pristine condition, our packing team ensures that each item is expertly secured for its journey to your site.

Monitored Shipments with Tiltwatch and Shockwatch

We prioritize the integrity of your shipments by incorporating monitoring systems like Tiltwatch and Shockwatch. These technologies ensure that your products are handled with the utmost care during transit.

Tailored Solutions for Every Shipment

No two products are the same, and neither are their packing needs. In our packing department, customization is key. Whether it’s fragile façade glass or robust millwork components, our team tailors packaging solutions to match the unique requirements of each item.