Metal & PVD

Metal & PVD

Forged in Precision, Polished in Elegance

Redwood’s metal mastery seamlessly transforms visions into functional art, defining sophistication across facades, construction, and millwork projects. From sleek mirror finishes to refined cross hairline textures, our metalwork creates spaces of unparalleled beauty.

PVD Expertise for Lasting Brilliance

Exemplifying durability and aesthetics, Redwood’s in-house Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD) ensures lasting brilliance with corrosion resistance. Capable of 6-meter-high finishes, our precision engineering on aluminum or stainless steel showcases cutting-edge techniques from sourcing to processing.

Elevating Your Space

Redwood’s metal and PVD craftsmanship redefine spaces, introducing elegance in facades, construction elements, and millwork. With the ability to process, spray paint, and polish metal in various finishes, we transcend boundaries, elevating each project into a masterpiece.