LED & Electrical

LED & Electrical

LED is one of the most important components for both interior and exterior fixtures. Redwood has a team of LED engineers to develop electrical specifications that match your design. Additionally, we are also able to meet respective electrical worldwide requirements. The electrical team also handles installation of dialock systems in the Millwork. These systems are self sourced, developed and installed in-house.

Radiating Expertise

Redwood’s LED and electrical prowess shines through an in-house LED development team dedicated to innovation. From seamlessly integrating LED lighting into bespoke millwork to meeting diverse international standards, our commitment to excellence extends beyond conventional applications, emphasizing captivating experiences.

Efficiency Meets Affordability

Redwood goes beyond illuminating spaces to optimising lighting efficiency. Balancing innovation and affordability, we cut project costs without compromising quality, lighting up projects with efficiency and uncompromising quality.

Innovation in Illumination

Redwood’s LED and electrical solutions redefine illumination, bringing innovation to every project. Our in-house capabilities, from development to installation, ensure a seamless process that not only meets but exceeds industry standards.