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About Us

Redwood is a contract manufacturer of high-quality interior fittings for many of the world’s top luxury brands.

Founded in 1992 by Mr Michael Soh, a highly-focused individual who is deeply passionate with the quality of interior fittings, Redwood has evolved from its humble beginnings to the global company it is today. We have grown from strength to strength with our key operations in Singapore and Malaysia.

Redwood derived its name from the redwood tree which can grow to 300 feet tall, making it one of the tallest trees known to man. It can also grow to a diameter of 22 feet and live up to 2,000 years old. The redwood tree greatly signifies our founder’s dreams of building a long-lived and sustainable company that will become a giant in its industry.

Bringing Your Design Alive

We focus on doing what we do best - to translate beautiful designs into real-life fixtures and fittings.

Our clients are high-end, luxury brands with a competent team of in-house designers or who engage world-class designers for their interior fittings. We understand that to our discerning clients, the ability to turn stunning designs into impeccable fittings is of paramount importance. Therefore, we focus on our key competencies of delivering fixtures and fittings that exceed our clients’ expectations.

Here at Redwood, we demonstrate our expertise to you, our clients, by focusing on Bringing Your Design Alive.